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Bodyguarding ensures the safety of a person. The purpose of a bodyguard is to guarantee the safety of the client, i.e. in case of emergency situation it prevents phsyical harm to the protected person; and in case of danger to protect him and ensure minimal losses.

Normally bodyguards stay very close to the protected person to provide cover and escort. This challenging work demands maximum concentration physically and intellectually.

Bodyguard — Team work is always well-coordinated. GSC MAINSA provides personal bodyguarding (also of children) at high professional level and uses innovative technical equipment guided by the following principles:

Bodyguarding 2
  • check of safety of permanent residences;
  • check of safety of client travel / transport routes;
  • supervision of any changes at permanent client residences;
  • supervision of any changes to client routes;
  • safety check of one time visit locations;
  • supervision of situation at one time visit locations as required;
  • restriction of physical contact with the client;
  • full check of persons with access to the client;
  • identification and mitigation of possible locations of attack;
  • management and protection of the client;
  • escort of the client on all routes.

We use a full complex of security actions to assure personal protection. We guarantee absolute safety.

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